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Thai pop star Anna Jandrasopark (JAMP) and her Sex Tape

April 13th, 2008

Anna Jump Sex Tape

Anna Jandrasopark, our Thai pop music star… She and her group JAMP was hit with a sex scandal when a hardcore home video of one of its member’s, Anna Jandrasopark was released. Could you imagine how much publicity that could get :) Anyway, Anna is well known in Thailand and is for them a kind of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton type celebrity who later went on to become an actress and whose latest film goes by the name of Shadow Island. In this clip she strips off and a guy licks her horny pussy after which she thanks him by giving him a best blow-job ever and just to make sure that he’s rock solid she masturbates for him after which the guy can obviously wait no more and he fucks her, horny as hell… I mean do I have to say more than that?! :) Step inside and start downloading right now!!!

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